Thursday, July 16, 2009

We have a date!!

We are going to the hospital August 5 to be induced!!! I think when the Dr's assistant called me back to let me know to be at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. that day is when it REALLY set in. Cade will be here in less than 3 weeks!!!!!! We are very excited and just a little nervous!!

At our Dr appointment yesterday, Dr. Bailey estimates he currently weighs about 6.5 lbs. I'm also already dilated 1 cm (only 9 to go... ;)

His room is complete, except for the glider we are getting this weekend. Here are a few pictures:

View from the door (glider will be to the right of the window):

Cade's initials...for Caden Wayne Burrows

Growth chart. Brent re-did the chair railing so it would fit. It was too cute not to hang in his room! Both the initals and the growth chart were done by my friend Erin, who has started a business making them. I'm going to add her website to my blog so be looking for it!!

We are only suggesting where we think he should attend college...but no pressure. :)

Raider and Roxy anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little brother!! Little do they know the world is about to NOT revolve around them anymore! Its okay, we still love them and we know Cade will too :)

Scripture above his bed. We didn't know the gold would be so close to the wall color, but I really don't care - I love it!

Diaper cake from the shower at Brent's office. A friend of his has a girlfriend that makes them. We know some really talented people! So cute!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Cade is growing...a LOT

I went to the Dr today for my 34 week visit and sonogram. WOW this baby is really packing on the lbs!!! Here's the latest...

  • Cade weighs 5 lbs 12 oz!!! He is measuring a week ahead. Yikes...
  • He's got chubby cheeks and quite a bit of hair on his head from what the sonographer could tell!
  • The sonographer also commented that he has a large "sack"....yes that is what you think it is. I won't go into any further detail on this blog but let's just say we had a good laugh :)
  • He is healthy from everything the Dr could see - thank God!

My next visit is in 2 weeks, and at that point we can talk about a possible induction date. I'd really love to not go to 40 weeks or beyond, especially with the summer heat and now that we know he's fine in the weight department! To be continued!! :)