Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Baby Shower

This past Saturday, my mom and Lindsay hosted a wonderful baby shower for me! All of Brent's family and my family were able to be there and it we had a great time! Here are a few pictures:

The cake - almost too pretty to eat...but it was chocolate, so we couldn't let it just sit there. SO good! :)

My mom and Lindsay - aka the hostesses with the mostess :) Thanks for a fabulous shower!
Tammy, Brenda (aka Nana), me and Lisa :)

Andrea, Erica, me, Stephanie and Carrie
And last but certainly not least! Granny and I :)

We received a lot of great gifts for Cade. You don't think about all the stuff you need for a baby! Brent and I feel very blessed to have such amazing family and friends!
On another note, I did have a Dr appointment today. I'm seeing the other Dr.'s in the practice in case they should have to deliver me - which I hope is not the case, but I really liked the one I met today. Everything looks great! They drew my blood to make sure I'm not anemic, and I should have the results in a few days. I'll be going back in 2 weeks for another check up.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Baby Room...

The baby room is really coming along! The painting is finally done...we no longer have the circus stripes :) We are very happy with the way it turned out. Now, we just need a mattress so we can get the bedding put on, and then I'm ready to shop for accessories/wall decor. :) FUN!

I'll add more pictures when the room is complete.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Shower with Friends

This past Saturday some of my closest friends hosted an amazing baby shower for me! We had a great time and Brent and I got some great stuff for baby Cade. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

Thank you to Tammy, April, Kristin and Jenee for a FABULOUS baby shower!!!

Can you believe how cute this cake spells out his name. I should also mention how good it was!! :) where do you think he will be encouraged to go to school??

Here's a picture of me with my mom and sister!

Kristy came in from Houston for the shower, which was so great! She's having a boy, too...just 2 weeks after me! It seems like everyone is having boys right now!

I have another shower this coming Saturday with family - so I will have more pictures to post next week! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

30 week appointment

Today I went in for my 30 week check up. The Dr's office called me this morning and said that Dr. Bailey would like me to come early for a sonogram. This had us a little concerned because I didn't think I'd be having anymore sonograms, and we were wondering why they wanted to schedule one at the last minute. It turns out she still wants to monitor the fibroid I've got to make sure it doesn't continue to grow (and it looks fine). Brent got to come up and met me for the sonogram, and I'm so glad he got to be there! It was a really neat sonogram - I think it was the best one so far. Since he's bigger now (approximately 3 lbs 5 oz!) its easier to tell exactly what we are looking at - arm, leg, facial features, etc. Brent asked the sonographer how big he thinks he'll be, and he said typically they gain 1/2 lb per week at this point, so probably around 8 lbs (although Dr. Bailey said we'll get a more accurate guess at 36 weeks). My favorite part was to see him yawn! It was like he had just woken up or something! Anyway, I can tell he's going to be pretty cute :)
We got pictures but I don't have the capability to get them online, unfortunately. But, with only 10 weeks left we'll get to see him in real life soon anyway, and that beats any sonogram picture!