Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adventures in painting

As I think I mentioned before, Brent and I decided it would be a great idea to paint some stripes below the chair railing in the baby room. Neither of us had ever painted stripes before, but we figured, why not? We even took a piece of the bedding to make sure the paint we chose was an exact match. Well...

I promise we are not going with a clown or circus theme. Here's how it turned out:

We hate it!! Unfortunately it didn't turn out at all like we thought it would. Looking back we should have made the stripes all the same width, but there is no way we were about to try and redo this mess. So, Brent painted a primer over it and we are going back to Lowe's again to get a color a few shades darker than the tan so we can be done with it - and so our baby won't be frightened when he sees his room!

On a prettier note, our front yard looks really nice right now with all the flowers that have bloomed! Brent has planted them over the last few years and they return every spring. I think that means they are perineals...or annuals? :) Something like that!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In case you were wondering...

NO, these aren't pictures from or the DIY Network (although I suppose Roxy gives that away)...they are pictures of Brent's first chair railing project! He did it all by himself (I helped hold a few boards at the very end when the Bachelorette had ended ;). He did a great job as you can see!! I can't wait for the room to be done!

This morning I went to the Dr. for my 28 week appointment. To my not so pleasant surprise, I found out when I got there that I'd be getting a shot of Rhogam. I don't have a good explanation of what it does but it has to do with the fact that my blood is -O. Anyway, I can't remember the last time I had a shot in the rear end so that was not so fun. I also had to drink this orange sugary drink before I arrived so they could draw my blood to test for gestational diabetes! I guess I should get used to the needles, right?! However we got to hear the baby's heartbeat which was 146. Dr. Bailey said everything so far is looking great - thank God! Here's a picture of me Brent took last night. My shirt says Kicking 24/7 which is about right!!! Only 12 weeks left!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've been trying to put this blog together for several weeks now, and the other day Brent asked me about it. So, I decided to finally get it together so we can start posting pictures of the nursery, etc. for our family and friends to see. Yesterday I started my 3rd trimester - I can't believe how fast this is going by! August 11 will be here before we know it. :)
Here are some pictures of the baby's room so far. Brent did a great job painting the walls, but he's not done yet! Next goes in the chair railing and if we are brave enough, some stripes will be painted below the chair railing that will match the colors in the bedding. He tells people I must think he is Bob Villa for having him do all of this, but I have 100% confidence in his abilities. Love you, Brent!!! :)

and, the bedding: